The Princess Trap by: Talia Hibbert

Five stars. I’m starting this off by saying five stars.

This was my first romance and it stars an interracial couple, the woman being larger in size and Black.

I was hooked.

Talia Hibbert has a way of writing that brings you in and is easy to read. Her characters are lively and jump from the page, especially Cherry.

I have never read a heroine I loved from the first page before. Cherry is a grown woman who doesn’t take anyone’s shit and knows when to turn on the charm. She’s great at controlling what goes on around her and that means no more men.

Until Ruben shows up with his accent and wide shoulders and his face in general.

I loved him. Are you kidding me? He was flirty and charming, sweet and also kind of a screw up.

Their relationship was great. I am a sucker for fake dating and wow this was amazing.

For my first straight up romance, it was an absolute win. I’ve already bought three more of her books. Let’s just say she’s got a loyal reader now.

Another great thing about Ruben? He’s bi! Oh my little bi heart.

When it came to the sex it was A+. Steamy and incredibly sexy.

We follow them on a lunch date that leads to a heavy makeout and almost more when a photographer catches Ruben and Cherry in a small area. Ruben is defensive the moment the camera starts flashing and his defense to make it stop?

Well, this is my fiancé and you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the royal family. Of course he says all of this in Dutch.

Now already there’s a problem because he and Cherry are not engaged at this point. Another issue? He never told her he was royalty.

And from there it’s a sexy rollercoaster.

Cherry has a younger sister who lives in America and has a chronic illness. As a disabled woman, I loved that. Talia herself has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Same as I do and it explains how she’s able to write about the intricacies of it with such respect. (Like I said, I bought three more of her books. Reviews will follow.)

I don’t want to ruin the story but of course they end up together and it’s sweet. I loved it. If you sign up for her VIP mailing list, then you’ll also get a special little epilogue for the story.

However there is some triggering content. Ruben’s older brother is abusive. He abused Ruben as a child and there are flashbacks to it. He also abuses his wife and although no violence is show it is implied. His older brother also hits his children. Again, the act isn’t show but she does have a hand print on her face and says that he hurts her.

If domestic abuse and child abuse are your triggers, please read carefully. In this book they are not show in great great detail and are handled pretty true to life without a lot of the horrible detail that a lot of other author’s add in. She also has a trigger warning at the front of the book which is always appreciated.

So. The Princess Trap is a five star read for me.

Do you have any favorite romance author’s? I’m diving head first into the genre so if you have any recommendations, I am more than happy to give them a shot!


Author. Reader. Reviewer. Interested in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and everything in between. Ya, and Adult. Looking for representaion where it matters! BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, everything! We all deserve stories!

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