The Death of Jane Lawrence by: Caitlin Starling

I received this ARC from Netgally in exchange for an honest review and this book was pretty fun.

I didn’t expect the ending to this book. As a lover of gothic fiction and horror, this book ticked every box and then some. The worldbuilding of the town isn’t very solid. It takes places it what seems like an alternate Europe with Jane wanting to marry a man who fits her list of requirements. And she finds such a man in Dr. Augustine Lawrence. He has a rule of his own, she is never to stay at his family’s old home, Lindridge Hall. A storm upends that and sets the story in motion.

I put down other books to finish this. It is my first book by the author and I loved it. The third act got a bit slow but not without reason. We watch as Jane dives deeper and deeper into darkness and things she may not be able to control. I read as quickly as I could to find out if she would be okay, to find out just how it would end. I couldn’t have predicted it. In fact, the prediction I had for it was thankfully wrong.

I do wish the cast had been better described. There were no real descriptions of the characters in a way that gives a clear picture. At the end of the book, I have no solid idea what anyone looks like. It’s why I can’t give it five stars. I want to know what the characters look like. I want to know if they look like me or my friends and family.

I will say it does get gross. There is a lot of medical imagery and the things that go along with that. So mild body horror content warning.


Author. Reader. Reviewer. Interested in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and everything in between. Ya, and Adult. Looking for representaion where it matters! BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, everything! We all deserve stories!

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