The Nightmare Brigade #1 Sample by Franck Thillez, Yomgui Dumont

So far, I’m giving this a solid four stars. This graphic novel has a really interesting premise, interesting art, and the first one I’ve seen where one of the protagonists is disabled.
I’m giving it four starts but the writers need to listen to the disabled community. We have, at large, for decades been telling people not to use the word handicapped. The word is DISABLED. That is what we want. Handicapped is insulting.

Unfortunately, since being disabled is such a traumatizing experience, I know a few readers I can’t recommend this to because that language is triggering. All they needed to do was use the word disabled. It isn’t hard.

One good touched as the disabled boy was able to walk when he was functioning in other people’s dreams. That’s smart, As a wheelchair user myself, dreaming is the one time I can walk without any problems.

I hope the creators learn from this and stop using the word handicapped. That’s a big slap in the face honestly. It isn’t hard to not use it. That’s something that I really need people who make books and any form of media really to understand.

When you have a job that’s telling stories, you need to remember words have meaning. And when you write about a marginalized community, you need to get the language correct for that community. I can’t think of any time when it’s been acceptable to disabled people to be called handicapped. That isn’t the language the community uses. It hurts.

It sounds like I’m harping on this but it’s important. If someone used a derogatory word for a racial minority, people would rightly be up in arms about it, demanding change and apologies. When it comes to language referring to disabled people, no one bats an eye. And no one listens to our voices.

I need the creators to do better. All creators.

I received this sample for free in return for an honest review.


Author. Reader. Reviewer. Interested in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and everything in between. Ya, and Adult. Looking for representaion where it matters! BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, everything! We all deserve stories!

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