Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare

Go Hex Yourself has a fun premise. A young woman answers a job ad in the newspaper that she thinks is for her favorite card game. Instead, it turns out to be for a familiar for a witch. Problem is, she doesn’t believe in magic but needs the money.

This sounded fun. Grumpy/Sunshine, mortal getting sucked into the world of magic.

It wasn’t. For one, the characters are so incredibly flat. I didn’t care for any of them because they didn’t have any real depth. Which was odd because the main character especially had a lot of heavy past issues.

Content Warning: Her parents are financial abusers. They’ve done everything from open bank accounts in her name to take out a life insurance policy on her and then declare her dead.

That should have had the makings of a solid character but she was just so flat. And so is our love interest. Ben a 500 year old witch. Reggie is twenty-five and they don’t get along at all at first. He’s gruff and she can’t stand it.

I didn’t really care. Was he an absolute jerk? Yes, he wanted to get her fired. And she was willing to stick it out because, as I said earlier, she needs the job.

I can get behind enemies to lovers. Unfortunately there was a moment early on that absolutely made me disgusted. So spoiler warning: Ben is using a crystal ball to scry on Reggie and sees her in her room moving with her hands under the blankets. He wonders if he’s caught her in an “intimate” moment and then has to remind himself that porn exists and he doesn’t need to snoop.

Yeah, that’s disgusting. There’s a similar situation where Reggie does the same and actually does catch Ben in an intimate moment and instead of instantly turning away, she watches. And then turns around when he’s close to finishing because she thinks it would be worse to watch that than, y’know, the fact she’d been watching up to that point.

She does tell him and he asks if she enjoyed the view.

I couldn’t get behind these characters. That’s a gross violation of privacy and it was played off for flirting.

When it comes to the flatness of the characters, there’s apparently a reason for that. This was apparently a Kylo Ren/ Rey fanfiction. In that light, the flatness makes sense. After all if you know who they’re supposed to be then you can fill in the gaps.

So it’s published fanfiction in the same style as 50 Shades but it’s at least better than that. And if it’s not and that’s just a rumor, then there isn’t an excuse for the flat characters. Although there never is.

I didn’t care for the book. I didn’t care for the flatness of the characters or their creepy “romantic” behavior. All in all, this was not a book for me nor one I’ll be recommending.

I’m giving it 1 star for competent writing.

I received this Arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to them and the publisher.


Author. Reader. Reviewer. Interested in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and everything in between. Ya, and Adult. Looking for representaion where it matters! BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, everything! We all deserve stories!

2 thoughts on “Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare

    1. There are a lot of really solid romances out there so I hope you do find at least one that you enjoy! But it wouldn’t be this. The voyeurism aspect being played up as something sexy or flirty is uncomfortable to say the least. It was a really uncomfortable reading experience .

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