The War on Ukraine

Not book related; far more important.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. As of March 5th, it hasn’t stopped. Civilians areas have been bombed, people have lost their homes and their lives.

While not everyone can help, one thing all of us can do is spread word on resources to donate. Get as much information and help available.

Below I’ve listed a few different charities that are helping Ukraine and its people. Please consider donating and if you can’t, then at least share the information.

Medical and Humanitarian Aide

Razom for Ukraine–which means “together”. A volunteer charity org.

Jewish United Fund: Crisis in Ukraine–offering aide to Jewish families in Ukraine and the Holocaust survivors still living there.

Orgs helping Children

UNICEF–Helping with a lot from psychological help, supplies, water, UNICEF is helping with a lot of things but is aiming for the help of children right now

Save The Children–London based, helps kids everywhere and is offering aide to children in Ukraine

Voices of the Children--Nonprofit offering psychological help

Orgs helping Refugees

International Rescue Committee–they help get refugees out of conflict areas

There are more, please look. A lot of businesses are donating proceeds of purchases to Ukraine, just take a look around and spread the word.


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