The Dating Plan by: Sara Desai

In this fake dating romance we follow Daisy Patel, who works for Organicare working on code. And the love interest Liam Murphey, a venture capitalist.

Her family wants to set her up with men they’ve approved she has no interest in marrying. Liam ends up in a situation where to save the family distillary, he needs a wife by his next birthday–cough cough (in three months) and to be married for a year. His brother Brandon is an absolute jerk and I hated him the second I was done reading the first things that came out of his mouth.

The two wind up dating and falling in love by the end. In order to make their fake relationship seem real, they go on a series of pre-planned dates and learn about each other (again) so no one will question it.

He broke her heart standing her up for senior prom and she’s hated him for ten years. And then he vanished into the night, telling no one, after living in the Patel’s home.

While the reason for him missing prom was actually a good one, I didn’t think that was enough of a reason for her to hate him. Even a female friend of his found out and acted like he was truly atrocious. I don’t know, prom never meant much to me so that’s just me issue.

Now what did bother me was the fact the author sort of played into that Irish violence trope. Brandon and Liam almost come to blows, Liam makes jokes about hitting people. I don’t know it was annoying.

After sex Liam was impossible to deal with. He was like a cocky child. For some people that might be fun but I couldn’t stand it. I rolled my eyes at it and wondered when he’d shut up and the story would move on.

I really didn’t care for him.

Then there’s the fact that Daisy keeps talking about her “extra padding” repeatedly. When she and Liam are getting intimate there’s a line about him having to double dip over her stomach to get between her legs.

The art on the cover? Skinny woman. That’s really aggaravating. Representation matters, I will never not say that. So to have a character depicte done way in the book and have that erased on the cover is awful. And such an easy thing to not do. Look at the cover for Spoiler Alert.

It’s also illustrated and there’s a fat body on the cover. There’s no reason this didn’t get the same treatment. I mean the reason it didn’t is most likely fatphobia.

I give this a 2. And that’s because the writing was easy and Daisy was cute as a character but that’s it.

Have any of you read it?


Author. Reader. Reviewer. Interested in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and everything in between. Ya, and Adult. Looking for representaion where it matters! BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, everything! We all deserve stories!

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